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  1. Login to the server with administrator user

  2. Download the plesk installer for windows from the following link

  3. Double click on the plesk installer.exe file  

  4.  You will receive a warning box , click on RUN

  5. The next screen will be of the browser based Plesk login window. Login with your administrator password of your server.


  6.  On the next screen click on “install or upgrade product

  7. On the next screen select Plesk with its latest stable version , Installation type should be Full , select “Preview components selection” and then click on continue.

  8.  Now, on the next screen select the components that you want to install and click on Continue

  9. On the next screen, leave the other fields as is as they are taken by default by the Plesk installer . Provide the administrator password that you want to set for Plesk. Click on continue.

  10. The plesk installation will be started now.

  11. The next screen will be informing you that the operations with products and components are installed successfully. Click on OK.

  12. Once the installation is done, you will see the screen below. On the same screen you can at time add the other plesk components.

  13. Login to the Plesk control panel with the password that we set while installing via the URL https://yourserverip:8443

  14. Check the box I agree to the terms of this license agreement. and click on Accept to proceed.


  15. On the next screen specify the hostname of your server. For example: “”. You will also need to select your server dedicated IP address/s. It is also suggested that you change the password to strong, secure password if you haven't done so already.

  16. On the next screen, select the radio button to describe for what purpose you are using Plesk.

  17. Scroll down a bit and you will need to select any of the following radio button options and click on OK

    1. Power User view – This view is an administrator view to manage their websites , email accounts etc.. (It cannot be used if customers or resellers are existed in Panel.)

    2. Service Provider view - This is view is actual end user view and can be used by administrators , resellers and hosting clients. This view also includes integrated billing system for invoicing etc..


  18.  On the next screen Provide all the requested information.

  19. The next screen will be asking for the license. If you have the license key you can install it or can enjoy 14 days trial license period and you are done.

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