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(1) Launch a temporary EC2 Windows instance ( preferably Windows 2012 R2 to avoid disk collision).

(2) Take a snapshot or an AMI of your current instance i-7bf384cd for backup purposes ( just in case something goes wrong) and then stop the instance.

(3) Detach the root volume vol-d1656032 from your current instance i-7bf384cd and attach it to your new temporary instance as a secondary volume.

(4) RDP to your temporary instance and use Disk Manager to bring the secondary volume online.

 (5) Download and install the EC2 rescue tool. Here is the link.

(6) Run the tool and use the Offline instance option.Instance connectivity issues can be resolved by using the Diagnose and Rescue feature in Offline Instance Mode

(7) The restore option can be used to revert to Last Known Good Configuration or restore a damaged registry hive from backup.

(8) Once done with the EC2 Rescue tool, close the tool and from disk manager make the secondary disk offline.

 (9) Detach the secondary volume vol-d1656032 from the temporary instance and attach it back to the original instance i-7bf384cd as the root volume (/dev/sda1).

(10)      Start your instance i-7bf384cd and test the RDP.

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